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Kuroyama Budo OC Shibu offers a number of services targeted to the Bujinkan community in the Orange County, CA area.

Dojo Links

If you are the instructor at a Bujinkan Dojo in Orange County, CA, you can have a link posted to your site for free. This includes a one page information page with your contact information, a photo, a logo graphic, and your own descriptive text. Please visit the "Contact Us" page and select "List My Dojo!" as the subject. We'll send you an email with all the information we require.

Please Note: Anyone claiming a shidoshi license has the option to receive a "Certified OC Bujinkan" tag next to their Dojo name in the links to their listing. This will mean submitting some form of identification along with their current year's Shidoshi-Kai Membership card.


Kuroyama Budo OC Shibu is proud to offer the following advertising options:

  • If you wish to advertise a seminar, visit the "Contact Us" page and select "Advertise My Seminar!" as the subject, and enter the title of the event, the name of the host dojo, the name of the featured guest(s), the date and time of the event, the location of the event, and a brief description. You will be sent a bill for $5.00 per month from the date of request to the date of the event, a snapshot of what your listing will look like (to confirm proper spelling and contact information), and instructions for optionally submitting a PDF copy of your event's flyer.
  • If you wish to advertise a shop, please visit the "Contact Us" page and select "Advertise My Shop!" as the subject. In the message body, include the URL of your shop featuring Bujinkan-related items (Training gear, DVDs, gifts, etc.) and the sort of banner you wish to purchase. Please Note: We do not accept Flash banners. Animated GIFs and still images only. We currently offer the following plans:
    • Supplies page text-link in alphabetical order: $5.00 per month. This appears only on the Supplies page, and may be later be organized into groups, but will otherwise remain in alphabetical order.
    • Button 1 (120x90): $0.025 per impression, minimum 1,000 impressions. These appear every page.
    • Skyscraper Banner (120x600): $0.10 per impression, minimum 500 impressions. These appear every page.
    • Large Rectangle Banner (336x280): $0.12 per impression,  minimum 500 impressions. These appear in articles only.

Any Pay-Per-Impression ads must be purchased in bundles of 100 impressions, with the minimums listed. When your account is reduced to 100 remaining impressions, an email will be automatically sent to you so that you may recharge your account with additional impressions. Keep in mind that this site is designed so that every page is a potential landing page. Our content is designed to attract Bujinkan members looking for information. It is your responsibility to make your advertisement attractive enough to create click-through traffic. At current, we do not offer advertisement design services, but may at some future date.



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