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Let's face it: The Bujinkan has a lot of weapons. We've all been there: we make our own weapons from cheap supplies at the local hardware store, or we order them in the traditional "white oak" and "red oak" (which is more often than not cheap pine or cedar covered with a lacquer) from the martial arts shops. Isn't it time the Bujinkan had its own store? This shop is intended to provide weapons that last – Weapons made from better quality woods and materials. We carry our own stock, we don't drop-ship from some 3rd-party supplier, and we only ever sell what we have in stock. If it's not available, we don't offer it! Further, all these training weapons are made by hand and using materials from trusted suppliers. 

Osage Orange Hanbo 3/4" Diameter SpecialOsage Orange Hanbo (Special)

These beautiful yellow/orange hanbo were made just a little too thin. Made from Osage Orange (Very compression resistant), they're extremely durable for most light to mid-strength contact, have good flexibility, and are light for very quick movement. I've personally used mine (same dimensions, same wood) against 1-1/2" cedar dowels (the common acquisition from Home Depot or Lowe's), and cracked the cedar dowel.

These hanbo are made from an exotic hardwood known for its resistance, are treated with boiled linseed oil, and come carefully packed to reduce the chance of fracture in transit. The coloring you see is the natural color of the wood, not a paint or dye, just beautiful Osage Orange.

[Warning: Due to the nature of the product and its intended use, we do not guarantee this item against breakage. All sales are final. Use at your own risk. We pack our wood items with care!]

Dimensions: 36"L x 3/4"D
Quantity: 5 Available

$40.00 (20% Off!) + S/H

[Order Link Not Yet Available]


Coming Soon: Hikihada (Fukuro) Shinai, Single-Piece Yari, Hanbo/Bo/Jo (Various Hardwoods), Bokken, Naginata



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