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 Left to Right: Roy, Scott, Myself, Jeramis, Kristi, and Nick

Kuroyama Budo OC Shibu

Kuroyama Budo OC Shibu is a training group led by Sean Slavik, Sandan (3rd Degree Black Belt) under the Shidoshi License of Shidoshi Jeramis McFadden. 


Please contact us for available location and times.

About Sean Slavik, Sandan, Shidoshi-ho, Shibu-cho

I started my martial arts career young, but sadly did not stick with it. It was USSD Kempo Karate, and I think I made it as far as 6th Kyu, or whatever a "purple belt" was in those days.

In high school, I studied fencing, and was co-captain of my schools fencing team. Years later, I picked up Krav Maga, doing that for a while, then quitting it as was my M.O. Then in later years I had a sort of revelation...

I'd come home from a late class one night and received a phone call. A friend of mine back home had been taken to the hospital, coughing up blood. By that weekend when I visited, he had already been put into a medically induced coma. It happened quickly, and a few months later he died from lung cancer.  I started to have the feeling I was wasting my life, giving up on doing the things I wanted because of how I felt others thought about what I did. 

See, months prior, I finally worked up the nerve to buy a book called Way of the Ninja: Secret Techniques and had been fascinated by ninjutsu as a martial art. I couldn't imagine myself training in it, or what people would think if they knew. But with my newfound revelation, and that feeling of loss, I had new focus... The week after his funeral, I enrolled in my first Bujinkan Ninpo Taijutsu class.

The first class was Hell: I could hardly breath, I was being tossed about by a black belt, I ached in places I didn't know I had. I went home, threw up, and for three days before the next class, I started into my usual habit -- I started looking for every reason not to go back. That friday, as I sat outside the class, I almost drove back home. I was asking myself what the Hell I was doing as I walked through the door. And that second day? It was just as hard. But I did it. And if I could do two days, three was nothing.

I came back from a family vacation the night that Jeramis was planning to test a bunch of the white belts. I was one of them, and he asked if I wanted to try. I told him I would, but I didn't know what to expect. I stumbled through, I could barely do it. I was months in at this point, and I couldn't remember the techniques. God knows why he passed me that night. I still remember his words to the class: "Some of you may not feel like you deserve this... Rank isn't about what you can do, but about what's expected of you from this point on."

My training took on new life from that point -- I was going to earn my rank. I'd been training 3 nights a week so far. From that point, I trained 6. I'd throw on my gear and do rolls in the park. Whatever I needed to work on, I did. I punched sand then gravel then trees then concrete walls to toughen my hands. I looked everywhere for more, and that's what it's about -- now I'm teaching, looking for more. That next step. That point where technique fades away to nothing, and there's only movement. I'm currently a 3rd Dan (3rd degree black belt), an assistant instructor (I teach under the shidoshi license of my Instructor, Jeramis McFadden), and run the satellite school (shibu) in Orange County, CA. Pretty good for the guy who almost didn't pass his test as a white belt ;)

Class Schedule and Cost

Kuroyama Budo OC Shibu classes are open for ages 16 and up.

The cost is $15 a class, or $40 per month. A late fee of $5 per class will be assessed. Students 2 classes behind in payment will be refused until their account is brought current.

First class free for OC Locals with ID.

Other Information About Training

New students should wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes, and expect to train their first night -- The best way to determine your capability is to jump in. Bujinkan members claiming kyu rank should provide a current membership card.  Bujinkan members claiming dan rank should bring a certificate or a letter from their shidoshi. All students will be asked to sign a waiver indemnifying Kuroyama Budo.

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