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What is "Certified OC Bujinkan"?

The "Certified OC Bujinkan" Program

The program was started to prevent people with false credentials from claiming authorities that they don't properly have. In the Bujinkan, instructors are either licensed, or teach under the license of someone who is.

How do I know if my instructor is licenesed?

To get a shidoshi license, one must first reach 5th Dan, then join the Shidoshi-Kai. To teach below 5th Dan, you must have the approval of the Shidoshi whose license you are teaching under. Teachers under 5th Dan are called Shidoshi-ho, and are understood to not be claiming Shidoshi status. Any Shidoshi-ho should be willing to show certificates of rank. Any Shidoshi should be willing to show a white card with the current year stamped on it labeled "Shidoshi-kai"

The Short Story

The instructors listed on this site are teaching, and claim to be teaching the system taught through the Bujinkan. I attempt to personally confirm these teachers as best I can, but make no claims as to their capabilities. Anyone bearing the "Certified OC Bujinkan" star next to their name has claimed Shidoshi status, and provided me an opportunity to view their identification and Shidoshi-Kai membership. This extends only to Shidoshi. Shibu-cho (Satellite dojo heads) that are Shidoshi-ho are not eligible.


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