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Bujinkan Dojo in Orange County, CA

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Looking for Bujinkan Dojo in Orange County, CA? Want to train in ninjutsu or taijutsu in the Southern California area? Kuroyama Budo OC Shibu has compiled a list of all Bujinkan martial arts instructors in Orange County, and have made them available to you for free.

Learn the secrets of taijutsu -- the body skills that will lead you to greater confidence, greater health, and greater security as you lead your daily life. Most arts quit the moment they leave the dojo. Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu will change the way you live your life, freeing you to greater mobility and strength with little effort.

Kuroyama Budo has a history of building up the Bujinkan community in the areas it enters, encouraging growth and training in Ninpo Budo Taijutsu. Dojos are listed in order of addition to our database.

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Dojo Name Head Instructor Information
Kuroyama Budo OC Shibu  Sean Slavik facebook twitter email profile
Ohoko Dojo shuriken Ron Blackwood email
Lifeskills Martial Arts  email
Bujinkan OC Dojo  Kyle Hayes email

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